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Final Fantasy Collectibles Over Priced, Nintendo Prototypes, Gameboy Prototypes and More!

Good morning VGA readers. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far. We have some great prototypes submitted by Steve (thanks man!), but I thought I’d chime in on the Final Fantasy collectible market that seems to just be going higher and higher in pricing. Some of the collectibles are really cool, you’ll have the extremely rare collectible pop up from time to time, but nothing like 5-10 years ago. I can’t give an approximate date, but lets say after the year 2000 all the way until 2012, Final Fantasy collectibles were in high demand, you had a lot of interest from fellow collectors, and you had a really nice selection of items from known sellers, just take a look at our “Hall of Fame” to see some of the auction ending prices. The prices back then were steep as well, you can find a Final Fantasy VII Music Box for around $2000 which at the time I thought was insanely expensive. Then as the years went by it raised to $3500, then $5000 all the way to $10,000. Is the price justified? Unless you have money to throw around, I would say not. It’s beautiful piece of art, but definitely not worth the price tag. In today’s auctions you’ll see a Final Fantasy VII promo t-shirt being sold for $1000 when it’s worth no more then $50. Of course it wont sell, but these inflated prices are past their time. Another one is actually a bootleg watch, and the seller is trying to get $9,999 out of it, though collectors aren’t stupid and no one will pay $10k for a watch regardless how rare it is.

These sellers, some are what we call in the pinball world “flippers”, who bought an item years ago with the intention of selling it higher at a later date, seem to be clueless to the market, and it’s not their faults, they are collectors, not business oriented. Not to say these sellers are cold or not Final Fantasy fans, they are, but are selling with the purpose of profit. Is that wrong? Absolutely not. People can do what they want, when they want, with whatever they want, but what these sellers fail to see is the interest drop in the market. You will see less and less rare collectibles, and more and more common items, even a Final Fantasy VII sealed is easy to spot. The time has come where Final Fantasy collecting is a thing of the past, and you’ll have the occasional high price tag that sells, but would take months if not years to sell with back-end deals. Do a search on eBay, type in “Final Fantasy”, then sort it from highest to lowest. You will that you can go up to page 5 and the price range is still in the $800 mark. It’s a shame the prices have gone this high. However there are exceptions. You’ll have the rare auction come up that is either at a reasonable fixed cost, or starting on auction at an even level playing field. Anyways, enjoy the auctions today and see you next week!

Video Game Auctions:

– Final Fantasy XI watch you can buy the same for $10

– Final fantasy 7 Pre-Order 1997 T-shirt *Rare* *Mint* – Never worn *Lol never worn? Come on dude, faded cloud, wrinkles… New with tags? These never came with tags lol

– Chrono Trigger Promo Poster RARE Collectible SNES 1994 Japan Promotional Crono

– Pokemon Silver / Silberne Edition Nintendo Gameboy Color Prototype Sample PAL

– Starhawk Nintendo Gameboy Prototype Sample PAL Excl

– Strider Nintendo NES Prototype CAPCOM Sample / Demo NTSC

– Tin Tin in Tibet SNES Super Nintendo Prototype Demo #2

– Hamtaro Ham Hams Unite Nintendo Gameboy Color Prototype Sample PAL

– Micro Machines Military J-Cart Sega Mega Drive Prototype / Early Build

– Madden NFL 96′ Sega Mega Drive Prototype / Demo

– Fort Boyard Nintendo Gameboy Color Prototype Sample PAL Excl.

– Adventure Island 3 Nintendo NES Prototype UNRELEASED PAL Game

– Spot Goes To Hollywood Sega Mega Drive Prototype / Demo

– Super Nintendo Prototype PCB Board NTSC version 1 EPROM

– Super Nintendo Prototype PCB Board PAL/NTSC version

– Pokemon Blue Nintendo Gameboy Prototype English Version

– Pokemon Red Nintendo Gameboy Prototype English Version

– Pokemon Yellow / Jaune Nintendo Gameboy Prototype French Version

– Yoshi Nintendo NES Prototype NTSC + Documents of Box & Manual

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  • d
    Jul 25, 2015

    Steem69 is a horrible and greedy seller,
    if he finds the price to low, he just removed the auction….

    also does not matter how close you live to him, if there is an international buyer who offers slightly more then you, he sells it to him.

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