Everything Factory Sealed Final Fantasy Japan Import PlayStation (PS1) PlayStation 2 (PS2) VGA Rated 1

Final Fantasy Games VGA Rated 90, 85+, 85

The Video Game Authority has been providing a great service to the world of video game collecting by creating a standard that everyone can use to rate the condition of video game related items. Their professional well-trained staff examine an item, rate it from 10 to 100, and then seal it in a hard acrylic UV resistant case to keep the item at it’s rated condition! Today I’ll be listing a bunch of VGA rated Final Fantasy games. Having a sealed copy of a game is one thing, but having a VGA sealed copy rated 85 or higher is a big deal.

As you can see, each of the games shown above are rated 85 or higher. These kinds of games can be costly, but in the huge world of Final Fantasy collectibles, VGA rated sealed games are often overlooked. If you have the cash and you’re a Final Fantasy collector, you may want to check out the auctions below to add to your collection. Imagine having the entire Final Fantasy series VGA sealed with a gold rating all in a row on a shelf? That would have massive value…

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