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Final Fantasy VII FAKE Aerith Music Box Rip Off Alert! and more

Final Fantasy VII has to be the biggest RPG of all time. The marketing that went into it, the time to develop the game. Everything about this game screams epic adventure. With a huge game comes many collectibles such as toys, jackets, and even music boxes. Now if you haven’t heard of the Aerith Music box then you’ll get a quick review here. Squaresoft lauched the Aerith Music Box as part of the FFVII product line. This was done through Digicube, the sister company who made these music boxes. While in production Digicube went bankrupt therefore only releasing what many believe to have been 100 music boxes.

They pop up on eBay almost once every two years if that. They fetch a high price given the demand. the lowest I’ve seen it go for is $2000. The highest was $4200. Now one Aerith Music Box has surfaced on eBay recently, but it is a fake. I’ve read the history of this specific fake. It’s only a “copy” or a “bootleg” if I can use the term so freely. It’s none other than a custom job trying to fool collectors, or new ones at least. The history claim seems to be fabricated. I wont go into the details but I will post the “Fake” music box and follwing that the “Real” music box to give everyone an idea. As well it must be noted that this “Fake” music box was selling on Yahoo Japan for 40,000 YEN ($400). I’m sure the intention was sincere in releasing something a fan can purchase affordably but at $2500, the cost of an original music box I am very disgusted. It’s a RIP OFF. I wouldn’t say anything if it was selling at it’s original price of $400 but this is clearly robbery.

Fake music box:


So as you can see the boxes are not the same, there is no serial or name on the fake one. But hey… if you want to check out the sleezy fake one click here and see for yourself:

FAKE Final Fantasy VII Aerith Theme Music Box RIP OFF


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  • Riku
    Sep 13, 2010

    Very interesting….

    Hey Kenji, make a Top 10 FF collectibles post 🙂 You seem to have that knowledge to do so.

    I was going to defend the seller of that music box, but he/she really does throw off collectors by not mentioning it’s a bootleg. Plus the price is…..well…. 🙄

  • Kenji
    Sep 13, 2010

    I will make a top 10 eventually, there’s just so many collectibles…

  • akira
    Sep 13, 2010

    The funny thing is that any serious collector who is looking for this music box would not be fooled.

    Imagine it was a one of a kind prototype and nobody knew! LOL (it’s not dear readers… it’s not)

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