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Final Fantasy VII PS3 Remake

For years, fans of Final Fantasy VII have been buzzing about the possibility of a remake being made for Playstation 3 and many things have happened to encourage the idea. Square Enix tries very hard to distance themselves from the subject but they certainly like to tease the fans about it. The closest the remake has come to being a reality was at E3 in 2005 when Square Enix showed a remake of the opening to Final Fantasy VII using PS3 hardware. They told everyone that it was only a tech demo meant only to show what the PS3 can do.


With the release of this video, people went berserk. How can you blame them though? Everyone has been waiting for this to happen and then when it finally shows up… Square says it’s just a tech demo! I have to say, if this was truly only meant to be a tech demo and Square Enix had no plans to do a remake; that company is filled with the stupidest people in the world! This title would be instant cash for them and I refuse to believe they are blind to the fact.

Shortly after E3 in 2005, Gamespot pushed Square Enix for some word of a remake happening. At first they gave the typical “no comment”, but when pushed further, they said that the response to the tech demo was overwhelming and that further plans for content based on Final Fantasy VII haven’t been set and that a remake will be kept in mind for future projects. This isn’t a clear confirmation, but like I said; they would be crazy if they decided not to make the game.

Three years later, the FFVII PS3 remake buzz was stirred up once again when Best Buy accidentally printed a sign of release dates for mid-August 2008. At the bottom of the list, Final Fantasy VII PS3 is clearly printed…

Best Buy quickly apologized for the mis-print and tried to shut down the entire situation. But, the fans refused to take “Oops” for an answer. It’s a fact that big chains such as Best Buy often get early notice of release dates before the fans are included in the news so that the stores can set up an ad campaign. With this mis-print, people around the world slammed Best Buy with variations of “What do you know!?”. The questions never got any answers and time has shown that it truly was just a mistake because here we are more than two years later and still no word of a remake. But still, how did that happen?

The fans aren’t content with waiting and a few have tried to trick the world with false confirmations of the remake. Another more creative side to the fans dreaming about the prospect is designing cover art for the game.

This is a great example of what the box could look like. Credit goes to Ladykiller for this design.

We all know how huge this game can be and there’s proof in numbers. Less than a month after the original PS1 game was released for download on the Playstation Network, the game had been paid for and downloaded over 100,000 times making it the best selling PS1 download ever.

C’mon Square Enix… Give us the remake! 😛

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  • d.
    Dec 18, 2010

    This writeup omits the most interesting parts of the saga, namely a number of well-circulated statements from SE in the past couple years which directly address the possibility of a remake.

  • akira
    Dec 18, 2010

    I have to admit that I had the gamer crave in mind when writing this rather than just the facts that boost the hype but; D is correct. There is much more info out there folks… this will happen…

  • Brett Martin
    Dec 19, 2010

    FFVII is Square-Enix’s ace in the hole. If the company starts posting huge losses or starts heading down a bad path, THEN it will be time to release this game. This would turn a tide, so why not wait for a tide? The fans will wait. This comes up multiple times a year, and even though the fans are rabid for it, Square-Enix will wait for the best strategical release for the sake of the company.

  • Alex Kraus
    Dec 20, 2010

    Square Enix released an official promo DVD with the tech demo trailer on it. It was a preorder bonus for Dirge of Cerberus. I don’t see any on eBay but there are at least 3 on Yahoo Japan:

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