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Final Fantasy VII – Sephiroth Items

Sephiroth to many around the world is the best villain in video game history. This is due to his evolution in the story of Final Fantasy VII and rebirth in Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. To this day, the idea of facing him again chills me to the bone.

Today I have set up some great Sephiroth items in three categories: Statues & Figures, Accessories, and Cosplay…

Statues & Figures

Cloud vs. Sephiroth (Katobukia Complete Set)

Sephiroth Square Enix (Sealed)

Sephiroth Cold Cast 1/8 Figure

Safer Sephiroth (One Winged Angel)



One Winged Angel Pendant

Black Materia Ring



Metal Armor with Leather Straps

Sephiroth’s Trench Coat

Masamune (Hand Forged)

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