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Final Fantasy XIV – Limited Collector’s Edition

A new world opens up at the end of this coming September. This world is known as Eorzea and it is the home of all future Final Fantasy XIV players. Beta testing has done it’s job and the game is up for pre-orders. You can pre-order the game by itself, or for $25 more; the limited collector’s edition.

What extras do you get? Well, here’s the list: 

  • IN-GAME ITEM– Collector’s Edition pre-orders will include a reward code to receive an exclusive in-game item, the Onion Helm.*
  • EARLY ACCESS – Play 8 days prior to the release of the Windows PC Standard Edition (timing of access subject to initial server capacity).
  • BEHIND-THE-SCENES DVD – Get an insider look at the making of FINAL FANTASY XIV, with exclusive video content, interviews and more in this special documentary DVD.
  • SECURITY TOKEN – A FINAL FANTASY XIV–branded Security Token for use with your regular password.
  • TRAVEL JOURNAL – Record your travels in this beautifully bound journal filled with pages of never-before-seen concept art.
  • RIGHT OF PASSAGE – Redeem a voucher to receive your fully-personalized Right of Passage Certificate, each stamped with a unique serial number.
  • AMANO COVER– Special PC Collector’s Edition illustration by renowned artist Yoshitaka Amano.

If you’re wondering what the “Onion Helm” is (as I was for quite a while), here’s a picture of it…

“Onion” has been a title thrown around the Final Fantasy world for years. The secret “Onion Knight” job in Final Fantasy Tactics for example. In the case of Final Fantasy XIV, their in-game story to the helm is, “Traditionally presented by families to their children before sending them on their life’s journey, the blue, onion-shaped helm fell out of favor when adventuring lost it’s popularity, as more and more young men and women chose to live out their days within the protective walls of the city-states. However, thanks to the recent influx of fledgling adventurers, for the first time in eleven generations, the quaint headgear has begun to make a comeback.” (By the way, the effect the helm has while equipped is an increased rate of recovery following KO.)

The limited edition can be pre-ordered almost anywhere but, here’s a link to the game on Amazon.com.

I’ve pre-ordered this myself and will be walking through Eorzea along with the others who got the limited edition. I hope to see some VGA readers out there! Now, in case you missed it, here’s the FFXIV trailer shown at this year’s E3.

Eorzea Awaits…

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