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Final Fantasy XIV – Virtual Items, Collector’s Edition & TGS 2010 Plush

For those who pre-ordered the collector’s edition of Final Fantasy XIV, the game has begun. I have my copy updating at this very moment while I write this actually. I watched the making-of DVD and was happy to see how much time and effort went into making this game. Something I didn’t know; this is the first Final Fantasy game in just over 10 years whose musical score has been done entirely by Nobuo Uematsu.

Withthe release of the game, eBay is now starting to fill up with items from the collector’s edition that people want to sell off. It’s not such a bad thing as long as the price is right… after all, you can still use these virtual items if you plan on getting the standard edition which releases Sept 30th.

Asuran Armband Collector Code Card – This code, once attached to your account, gives your character some very cool looking armbands. There may be more than a few people who have them now, but as the population in the game grows, you will stand out for sure.

Onion Helm Code – This code is included in the collector’s edition. With this helm, you can recover faster after a KO. In the future, you can put it on just to show off to everyone that you’re been around since the game’s release.

Collector’s Edition Journal – The quality of this book is way beyond what I expected. It’s an amazing extra included in the collector’s edition.

Right of Passage Redemption Code – With this code you can get a personalized right of passage paper mailed to you. Each one has a unique serial number assigned.

Moogle Plush from TGS 2010 – This plush was available at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The quality is great! Look at the perfect positioning of the whiskers for example.

Final Fantasy XIV Collector’s Edition – Here’s the game itself! This copy of the collector’s edition is sealed. You will never guess how HUGE this box is!

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