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Final Fantasy, Zelda and more collectibles!

I have some cool Final Fantasy stuff for display like statues, promo items and more. The Chrono Cross cd is most likely a BOOT LEG or a Square-Enix release but there are no Square-Enix markings. If you’re picky then ask the seller if it has either Square-Enix on it or Digicube. If not it’s a bootleg but still for $5 you CANNOT complain. In my opinion it’s one of the best VG soundtracks out there.

I am also displaying two Zelda inspired art masks. One of Zora, the other is the Deku mask. I mean it’s a good job but I’m not one for Custom stuff unless it’s really really REALLY breathtaking then I’ll spend the coins for it. I once saw a life size “Nu” plush from Chrono Trigger… should have bought it!!

Let’s GO:

Click here CHRONO CROSS Soundtrack

As mentioned these masks are unofficial, custom made, not the real deal. A good attempt by the artist to replicate the masks.

Click here Zelda Replica Deku Mask

Click here Zelda Replica Zora Mask

Honorable Mentions:

Final Fantasy X 10 keychain figure set of 7 Bandai

Metroid Prime Samus Bobblehead Rare Other M

Nintendo Metroid Q Bert Pin Set Rare Vintage Original

Collectors VHS – Final Fantasy Promo Playstation VII 7

Final Fantasy 6 VI Lock Chrome Statue

Final Fantasy 8 VIII Squall Chrome Statue

Kotobukiya “Final Fantasy 8” SEIFER ALMAS- ODEN Statue

Nintendo Legend of ZELDA GAME WATCH in box vintage 1989

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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