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Fireball Friday – Luigi Golf Toy, Club Nintendo Pins, Standee, Prototype, and Soundtracks

It’s Friday and once again time to check out some auctions that are closing in less than 24 hours. Many of the items listed here today are currently at very low bids but I’m sure you all know that normally changes very quickly in the last few minutes. If you find anything here you want to get, take your time and wait until the end! Good luck all. ūüėČ

Nintendo Prize Collection Series Luigi Golf Toy¬†– This is one of those auctions where the seller has no idea what they have or what it’s worth. This Luigi golf toy is controlled with a Famicom style controller which is connected by a wire. You also get 2 golf balls and a disc to be used as the hole. There’s also a Mario version (of course) but they are the only two as far as I know. This auction includes the original box as well. First bid is only $10!

Club Nintendo Pin Set Р2011 Club Nintendo Platinum reward pin set unopened! First bid again is only $10.

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Soundtrack Signed¬†– If you pre-ordered the Skyrim soundtrack you would have¬†received¬†a signed copy like this one. More than a few bids on this one but it’s going up slowly.

Killer Instinct Soundtrack (sealed) РOne of the best soundtracks from a fighting game (perhaps my favourite). This is a sealed copy.

Soul Calibur V Mini Standee¬†– “Mini” is tough to say about this counter-top display because it’s 3 feet wide and nearly 2 feet tall. It’s an¬†awesome¬†design which uses the 3-D effect very well.

Donkey Kong II Game & Watch РLoose but in very nice shape. This will easily go past $100 before too long.

Bomberman Land Touch Prototype¬†– The seller of this prototype also has another version which displays on screen as “Rising Star Games” rather than “Hudson Soft” and they don’t know why. Well, Rising Star is a game publisher and Hudson is the developer. Games can be released by several publishers in different regions including the developing company itself. It’s not a different stage in development though.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Bandana¬†– Here’s a nice little pre-order bonus from the Peace Walker release. Still sealed and a nice item if you missed out on the release.

NES Carrying Case¬†– This case is in great shape and comes with the original box. It can hold the console, power adapter, connections, 2 controllers, zapper, and 3 games! Perfect for sleep-overs and after school pizza parties lol…

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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