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Fireball Friday – Sealed Games, Game & Watch Handhelds, Bayonetta Lithograph

It’s time once again for Fireball Friday where we list some auctions that are ending in less than 24 hours! There are a few good ones in here and some more common and useful items as well. I’ve also included some submissions from a couple of our readers; one of which isn’t ending in 24 hours but is really worth checking out today.

Sealed (?) Virtual Boy Games (4) – Most of these games look sealed but the top edge of Galactic Pinball appears to be opened. The games are listed as simply “complete” so it’s possible they were opened but the original plastic was left on.

Back to the Future NES Sealed – Even if you’re not a fan of the game (and yes, some people actually like it), you may still be a fan of the movie and would find this to be a great collectible!

Magnavox Odyssey 2 Console and 5 Games – This Odyssey 2 set-up looks very clean and is a great value at the current bid.

15 Game Plastic Storage Case (NES) – Perfect for your top 15 favorite NES games to be kept separate from the rest of your collection. There seem to be a few scuffs and the lid was repaired at one point.

Diablo (PC Big Box) – Box, manual and game. Older copies of Diablo and Diablo II have been getting attention with the release of Diablo II coming up. People seem to want the trilogy on their shelf. This box is a bit rough but the price is good.

Donkey Kong Game & Watch with Box – Many bids stacking up here. The box unfortunately has “Stratford” written on it in black marker.

Mario Bros Game & Watch Loose – The game may be loose but it appears to be in very nice shape. Batteries included!

Legend of Legaia Sealed – This was a game that went overlooked back in the PS1 days. I got it used at one point and found it was very much worth every dollar. This auction is for a sealed copy. Thanks to Apostolos for this auction.

The next auction isn’t ending in 24 hours but it’s a good one so I’ve decided to include it today. Thanks PJ!

Bayonetta Limited Lithograph – This print is signed by the artist (Adam Hughes) and was limited to 75. This auction is for #52.

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  • Sp!nz
    Apr 23, 2012

    New Japanese Virtual Boy games are originally sold without any blisters.

    Most of japanese video-games sellers used to put these kind of blisters on their games , some looks reals but in fact they are not.

    Of course i’m not saying these virtual boy games are not new 😉

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