Arcade Donkey Kong Signed

Funspot Signed Cup and Billy Mitchell Signed Hot Sauce

Haven’t seen any items related to Billy Mitchell other than the Topp’s signed cards which are common(for now). But I’ve found a couple of unique items that are one of a kind.

Billy Mitchell Signed Hot Sauce

This auction is for a set of four Rickey’s World Famous Sauces signed by Billy Mitchell himself. With the auction at $41 already I’m sure this will only go higher in the next couple of days. What’s cool about this particular auction is that Billy writes, “Video Game Player of the Century”, which was a title given by the Tokyo Game Show back in 1999. During the Tokyo Game show on the Namco stage, Billy Mitchell was presented an award to commemorate his perfect pac-man score. I believe if you do an image search for this, you’ll find the picture of him receiving this award.

Auction for Billy Mitchell Signed Rickey’s World Famous Sauces

Billy Mitchell and Steve Sanders Funspot Cup Signed

This is a little different. The same seller also has up a Funspot cup signed by both Billy and Steve. For those who never watched the documentary “King of Kong”, Steve Sanders was the one who sent in a false score for Donkey Kong to participate in Time Magazine best video game players during that time(80’s), but throughout the documentary he’s always backing up Billy where ever he goes. Funspot is the place where Steve Wiebe goes to break Billy’s record in the beginning of the film. Very iconic place in terms of the DK arcade battles.

Auction for Funspot Cup Signed

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