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Fuzion Frenzy Super Ball, PlayStation Promos and More

Not too many rare items to show you today, but just a bunch of neat promo items that are not at all expensive and would be cool to have. I’m really diggin’ the Fuzion Frenzy and PlayStation super balls!

But first, ending in about 6 hours is a Limited Edition Chun-Li Tournament Edition Fight Stick. Only 4000 of these units were made. The manufacturers item description says: “The Special Chun Li edition for the Playstation 3 features an amazing 3D Lenticular print, giving a distinctive art design not seen on any other joystick. Based on the award winning Tournament Edition Round 2 S with the more slimline design, this joystick is the latest in the line of premium professional level Street Fighter Fightsticks. With only 4000 units, each joystick is numbered on the base making it a true collector’s item”.

Tournament Edition PS3 SSFIV Chun-Li Fight Stick Auction

Other Video Game Auctions:
Fuzion Frenzy Super ball Xbox Promo – I loved this game!
PlayStation Super ball PS Promo System Logo
PlayStation Plastic Promo Binder – It’s a little beat up but it’s only $1
Dreamcast Fan from Akihabara Japan Launch
PlayStation “Live in Your World’ Sticker Set
Cheap Nintendo Video Game Storage Cabinet
Official PlayStation Promotional Metal Cufflinks
Atari Classic Arcade Game Pen Combat
Sony PlayStation Move Mat Promotional Item
Metal Gear Solid Promo Pamphlet 1997 Limited – Seller says: This Metal Gear Solid Pamphlet was released in 1997. The cover has a wonderful artwork of Yoji Shinkawa. This pamphlet was not available for sale. It was exclusively made for promotional purposes.This pamphlet has been released a year before the game (Mgs1 was released in 1998).”

CLICK HERE to buy this!


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