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Game Banners and Gears Of War Locust Statue

Not much to write about today other than an amazing, except for that I thought was an amazing deal(thx 4 pointing it out Riku)! Theres this Gears of War Locust statue #72/100 on sale, but DON’T BE FOOLED! Seller’s got this thing about hiding the shipping price, check em out! it’s more like the reverse of shipping $30 n buyitnow 349! The rest of my auctions for showcase are game banners. I specifically love seeing game banners used in stores like Ebgames, walmart, and so on because they’re made so big. Like the Halo Reach banners, double sided… are extremely nice to have in your game room.

Click here for the Gears Of War Locust Statue


Bioshock Banner

Sega Dreamcast Banner

Halo Reach Banner 1

Halo Reach Banner 2 I guess when you take quality pictures it helps your cause, better quality than the above.

Fallout 3 Banner

Socom Us Navy Seals Banner This is a GORGEOUS Socom banner for $19.99!!!!!!!!!!!!! and what the hell? He has 4 offers for it? Is $19.99 too much? It’s huge!! Some people are just cheap, and for $19.99 it’s a STEAL.

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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  • Riku
    Oct 21, 2010

    Hey Kenji, check out the shipping price on the GOW auction. Obviously there’s something up with the $30 buy-it-now *LOL*. I think it’s against eBay policy to charge that high of a price for shipping. Either eBay catches on, or you can report the item because it’s purely unethical to do that, making someone believe you’re buying a $30 statue without being aware of the shipping price. Not a good deal at all. But with the SOCOM banner, really nice piece I have to say.

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