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Game.Com – Both System Models & Sealed Games

Some people reading this may remember the Game.Com’s cocky commercials which made it a joke from the start. This handheld system, which lasted a few years in the late 90’s, was a Tiger Electronics release and actually had a lot going for it. Some of the coolest features were it’s touch screen (a very new idea at the time), Internet capabilities, and the original model’s double cart slots. You could put two games in at a time and choose which to play after powered on.

Game Com

The screen and graphics were a step beyond the original Gameboy, but still suffered from the same problems. It wasn’t a color screen nor back-lit and as things moved on screen, sprites would ghost along in an almost unplayable blur. Strangely, the system had more than a few big name titles such as Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Resident Evil 2, Duke Nukem, and Sonic Jam (the slowest Sonic game ever made). There’s an auction on eBay right now for the original system complete in it’s original box, the Internet add-on in the original box, and 7 games.

Game Com with Games

To grab this up for yourself, check out the following auction: Game.Com & 7 Games plus Internet boxed

Some time after the system was released (and wasn’t selling very well at all), Tiger released a new smaller model which had a lit screen! The screen was front lit much like the Gameboy Advance SP. The only down side was that this version could only hold one game at a time.

Game Com Pocket Pro

One of these mini treasures are up on eBay and it’s still sealed in the original package. You can find the auction here: Game.Com Pocket Pro

If you decide to buy one of these to try it out for yourself, you should try a game you may know by title or character. Be warned however… these games are not to be judged by their cover lol.

Resident Evil 2 Game.Com Sealed

Sonic Jam Game.Com Sealed

If you think having Resident Evil 2 on a Gameboy-like system is crazy, think of this; there was a Game.Com version of Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania Symphony of the Night planned but were later canceled. I wonder what those were going to be like.

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