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For those who don’t know, Game Gavel is a Video Game Auction site which only showcases VG items. I know some of you are rolling your eyes, but believe there is always 1 or 2 people who don’t know :).
They launched in March 2008 and has become the premier video gaming auction community. They offer free listings and less-expensive selling fees combined with a dedicated gaming auction environment which proves to be the number auction site for gamers.

I’ve seen this site get bigger over the years and I am happy to show you some of the deals I’ve found on Game Gavel.

7-11 Video Game “Slurpee” Cups 1983

For viewers not living in the US, 7-11 is a convenient store, or “corner shop”. These three cups listed are from a 7-11 1983 “Promotional Series” in which there were many different companies in on this such as Atari, Williams, Sega, and Nintendo. Here are the game titles that were distributed:

-Jugle Hunt
-Super pac-Man
-Baby Pac-Man
-Donkey Kong
-Moon Patrol
-Ms Pac-Man
-Donkey Kong Jr

The auctions are only for Front-line, Galaga, and Jungle Hunt. Have fun trying to find the other missing cups! Jungle Hunt, Galaga, Front-Line.

Other Auctions:

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