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Game Genie – Crazy Glitchy Codes

Even though the Game Genie was advertised as a tool to cheat in nearly every game, the Game Genie can actually do so much more! The fact that it stops, modifies, and reroutes data between the game and the system means that once the codes are put in and the system is powered on, it’s like you’ve just started up a unique game. This is because the system doesn’t know the difference since it can only interpret what it’s given. In common use, the Game Genie can prevent damage, stop the counter for lives and continues, or skip through parts of the game. BUT, you can also use the Game Genie as your own little mad science lab!

Many people over the years have played around with random codes just to see how the game will change. If you’ve never done this yourself, you may be surprised with some of the changes that can happen. It can be a lot of fun testing codes and amazing when you find a code that actually does something new. If you check out this video below made by Killgruz from YouTube, you will see some of the amazing codes you can try yourself at home while playing Super Mario Bros!

There’s no end to the madness hidden away inside the Game Genie. When watching the next video, think about what it must have been like for the guy who discovered it. The first time he saw this he must have just stared blankly at the screen wondering where these noises were coming from in the depths of Blades of Steel…


Here’s another sound glitch brought on by the Game Genie. This one comes with graphical screw ups too! Welcome to drunken Zelda…


I can tell you from experience that this Game Genie code testing can get very addictive. Not only are you trying to find new and crazy reactions from each code, but you will soon start a collection of codes that you have discovered yourself! These codes are not limited to just the NES of course. Any Game Genie on any system can be used in this way. Here’s some proof; Mortal Kombat 3 on the Genesis made mindless by the Game Genie…


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