Capcom Featured Let's Play Mega Man 2

GAME ON: Let’s Play Mega Man X Collection

Today I’m starting something new on my Twitch channel. So far I’ve been doing live reviews to open the review and discussion of the game to the viewers in the chat, Monthly Marathons to try to raise a bit of money for Child’s Play Charity, and now I’m going to get into Let’s Plays. This will be just playing the games for the hell of it and it gives me the chance to take on games that don’t really fit as a review or a marathon. RPGs for example don’t review well when doing it live (or any game too huge or open ended) but with a Lets Play I can start up the game, play for a few hours, save my game and then continue from that point later on.

I’m starting with the Mega Man X Collection on PS2. Why not play the originals on SNES and PS1? Because of the unlockables on the collection such as Mega Man Battle & Chase! It’s going to be a blast playing all of these games. If you choose to follow me on Twitch you’ll get an email every time I go live and you can follow along over the next few weeks.

Game on…

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  • Joseph
    Aug 10, 2013

    Mega-Man X on the SNES is side scrolling perfection. Just as good as Super Mario Bros. in my opinion. I bought a pristine boxed copy back in the day for $20, I just looked it up on Ebay last week and found one in that condition goes for about $130-$150. I may have to sell it to pay for some tuition, but that’s how it goes :).

  • Bearded Drew
    Aug 10, 2013

    My collecting habits are %90 loose carts and I’ve spent a lot of money on a few select games but it’s good to see some games increase in value because of how great and popular they are rather than just rarity.

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