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Today’s post has some rare items, but most of the auctions are promos that are very cheap so if you’re into collecting that sort of stuff check out some of the auctions below.


Up on auction is a rare SEGA SG-1000! Complete with box and games, this is the only one on eBay. The item is located in the United Kingdom so keep in mind the shipping aspect of the closing price. For those who don’t know, the SG-1000 was SEGA’s first attempt at home consoles. It was initially released in Japan on July 15 1983, ironically, the same day that Nintendo released it’s family computer(Famicom)! Back then, the SG-1000 was a pretty advanced system for its time and featured impressive technical specifications.

Although the system didn’t hit off too well in Asia, I believe this system did enough in terms of being a first-mover for SEGA to establish more successful consoles later on such as the Sega Master system. It’s just too bad the seller didn’t take more pictures of the games and especially the box 🙁

This is truly a piece of Sega history. 1 day 9hrs left.

Sega SG-1000 – With 4 Games in original box

Maximo Development Team Member Jacket


I thought this was a pretty neat item. If it’s true what the seller says, this jacket was previously owned by Research & Development of Capcom Digital Studio! It seems that anytime there is a Video Game jacket made for the development team, or even as a promotional item it always seems to be this style of jacket; the varsity athletes jacket. Seller says:

Extemely rare Bomber style Jacket made ONLY for Maximo Development Team Members. Size is LARGE and is offered in this auction by the previous Director of R&D of Capcom Digital Studio.This item never worn and is offered AS-IS and in excellent condition. NO warranty is expressed and carries to gurantee. Not returnable. Actual item shown in the photos.

Auction for MAXIMO Team Jacket

Other Auctions of Interests:

1).WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos Exclusive Gift Set

2).Resident Evil Umbrella Troopers Vest Movie Prop – Premiere Props listed this Trooper’s vest at regular auction which is the only reason I am listing this. Right now it’s @ $18.50

3).Lot of 7 Nintendo E3 promo t-shirts Gamecube

4).Parasite Eve 2 Promo Playstation Keychains

5).Ghostbusters ECTO-1 License Plate Xbox Promo

6).LARGE Nintendo World Class Service Kit Mario Metal Sign

7).1997 Diddy Kong Racing VHS Tape Nintendo 64 N64 PROMO

8).Expensive Sonic Pins:
Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Sonic Flying Kite

9).Cheap Nintendo Wii Fit Promo Towel & Bottle

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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