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Gamecube Kiosk, Capcom 10th Anniversary Pin, N64 Walkie Talkies, Technos Internal Paperwork

It wasn’t too long ago that I listed an auction for what appeared to be a Gamecube kiosk which had been in storage from a really long time. In clear and plain contrast to that previous kiosk comes the first auction listed here today. Impressive condition with all lights working.

Nintendo Gamecube Kiosk – There’s no TV included (not a real problem) but what is included is very interesting; two demo discs (Oct 01 and July 02).

10th Anniversary Capcom Pin – First bid is $1 which is pretty sweet for this little Capcom collectible which has been around for a long time.

Custom Hylian Shield Replica – Not official but still crazy impressive. The seller mentions they wont be making many more of these.

Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby Limited Edition Collector Coins – Pre-order items for Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby.

Animal Crossing Nintendo Dream Sample Soundtrack – This was included with an issue of Nintendo Dream Magazine. There are 6 tracks on the disc.

Super Mario Bros. 3 Nagatanien Prize Mario no Bikkuri Takarabako – I’ll try not to embarrass myself too much by guessing at the details behind this fantastic looking bundle. I honestly don’t have the story but would love to hear it is someone knows. Looks like a contest prize to me. The shipping box is included as well.

Hitman Absolution Promo Bag – A simple pre-launch promo. The blood red is a nice touch.

Super Mario Bros Set of 2 Parco Mugs – Two mugs with the box included. No chips or problems of any kind that I can see.

Nintendo 64 Walkie Talkies – No box to be found but in decent condition.

Nintendo Comics Subscription Card – Holy crap Mario is really pressuring people to subscribe to Nintendo comics. Better do as he says or he’ll stomp your ass. lol…

Technos Binder with Internal Paperwork – Very interesting set of papers here. Some mention of a trademark registration and a sales order pad.

Catherine Pillow Case – Used only for first two pictures in the auction.

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