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GameFan First Issue Signed, Bungie Helmet, Zelda Green Statue

I thought I’d shoot a quick post before some of the auctions end. The one auction I’m a little shocked about is the First 4 Figures Zelda Statue(Green version). I can’t believe how much it sells now. Literally the auction jumped to $500+! If you own one consider yourself lucky!(grrr..)

First auction is for a custom made Halo helmet that was signed by the Bungie team. Yeah I know, signatures from Bungie aren’t as desirable as they once were(same with the WoW signings), but it’s always neat to see them sign something different, especially on something custom made where a lot of effort was put into  such as this helmet. It’s nicely sculpted!

Seller says:
You are bidding on a one of a kind Halo 3 CQB 1:1 Scale Helmet that is wearable and it is autographed by the Bungie Staff. I will provide a letter of authenticity. This is fan made helmet made by my husband David Weimert from Soaring Hammer so to get a helmet like this an get it autographed is slim to none. Bungie also own one of these helmets compliments of Soaring Hammer and has been shown on This is a very rear helmet and can go for alot more than what we are selling it for. Happy bidding.

Bungie Helmet Auction here

Other Video Game Auctions:

Word Feud with Instruction Booklet – the seller put a reserve…
GameFan Magazine Vol.1 Signed by Dave Halverson – Dave Halverson was the Co-founder of GameFan magazine. Neat item, especially since GameFan stopped making magazines for over a decade now. They always had great articles and in case you didn’t know, GameFan magazine goes down as proclaiming Final Fantasy 7 “Quite Possibly The Greatest Game Ever Made”. Thought I’d add that little info.
Dead Rising 2 Kadoya Racing Jacket – if you ever wanted one of these, now’s your chance. No reserve! Currently at $16.

First 4 Figures Expensive Zelda Green Statue – currently at $505
Cute Nintendo 64 Cartridge Cases
10x 1992 Super Mario Brothers Enamel Pins
ToysRUs Nintendo 64 Gold System Brand New

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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  • Joseph
    Mar 04, 2011

    Cool!! A Bungie signed item!! I’ve been meaning to pick something up with some Bungie signatures. So, let’s see what the price is……………………………………………………………………………….


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