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Gamers Unite to help Japan

Good afternoon VGA readers. Today I’m going to feature some auctions that are listed for the relief effort in Japan. This shows how strong the gaming community is.  A variety of these autographs are from, a site dedicated to the relief efforts in Japan. It’s going for a good cause so check them out!

The first auction is for a Super Mario RPG Yoshi Plush 1995.  It’s featured over at videogamemm. As are most plushies from Japan this was given out as a prize in 1995. It was exclusive to Japan and as the seller states these almost never pop up on Yahoo Japan. Now is your chance to own one as well as help Japan in this terrible time.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Sega Dreamcast Signed By Ozzy

Nintendo DS Lite Onyx Black Autographed

Indigo Prophecy (PS2) Autographed

Killer 7 Autographed

Original Nintendo DS autographed by Shigeru Miyamoto

Tim Schafer Signed Eddie Riggs Statue

SNES Mario Kart cartridge signed by Miyamoto

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