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Gaming Guns – Famicom, 3DO, Wii, SNES, PS2, Saturn, and Many More…

Through every decade of video game history, gun controllers have always been around. Every system seemed to have their own gun and every time a new one popped up on the market, gamers wanted to get their hands on it. After all, when playing a game with a light gun, it’s your own reflexes in real space that you need to rely on to win. Today’s finds are examples of gaming guns from many different eras of video history…

Sega Saturn Stunner – Though the system was relatively short lived, even the Sega Saturn had a gun. This one up on eBay comes complete in the original box and is in perfect condition.

Lethal Enforcers 1 & 2 with Gun (Genesis) – Lethal Enforcers was an arcade hit and was just as successful on home consoles. This auction contains Lethal Enforcers complete in box with the gun along with the 2nd game in it’s original box.

Video Challenger VHS Gun Controller – Here’s a VHS based light gun system released in Japan in 1987. It’s complete in it’s original box.

ActionMax System – Some people may remember this VHS light gun system. This one up on eBay is in it’s original box, but the VHS tape is missing. Fear not! Follow this link for the ActionMax .38 Ambush Alley VHS.

Time Crisis Project Titan with Gun (PS1) – The G-Con gun for the PS1 with Time Crisis Project Titan are complete in box in this auction. The box is in perfect condition.

Wii Zapper with Link’s Crossbow Training – This plastic zapper holds the Wii controller is the perfect way to allow accurate shooting. This box also contains Link’s Crossbow Training which is a great little shooting game with plenty of difficulty available. This box on eBay is still factory sealed.

Final Fantasy X-2 Tiny Bee Gun Controller by Hori – This set of guns released by Hori in Japan are not light guns. They are actually a modified PS2 controller designed specifically for Final Fantasy X-2. It also comes with a beautiful display stand to hold the guns while not in use!

3DO Gun Game Collection (2 Guns and 12 Games) – This great auction contains 12 games and 2 guns! This is great because often when you get a gun game that comes with a gun, you still need to buy another gun to play the games with a second player.

Famicom Gun Controller Holster Set with Wild Gunman – This is no baby’s toy… This Famicom gun is made to look like a real gun rather than a multi-colored zapper. This box set comes with the gun, a holster and Wild Gunman! It’s a great item from Famicom history, but it’s unfortunately a little overpriced.

Famicom Gun Controller – This is the same gun as described above but boxed on it’s own.

3DO Game Gun – The Game Gun for 3DO is available on eBay complete in box and in great shape. If you’ve been looking for an extra gun for your 3DO; look no further!

SNES Super Scope 6 – This massive bazooka didn’t do very well and there are few Super Scope games available on the Super Nintendo. This one on eBay is still factory sealed.

Sega Master System Light Phaser  – I’ve heard some people say that the gun for the Sega Master System is more accurate than the NES Zapper, though I’ve only used it a few times myself and can’t be sure about that. This one on eBay is complete in it’s original box.

Gun Survivor 3 with Gun (PS2) – This Japanese release for Playstation 2 is complete in it’s original box along with the Gun-Con 2.

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  • Kenji
    Sep 19, 2010

    cool post. Action Max…. looks familiar 🙂

  • akira
    Sep 20, 2010

    Ah yes, I think you introduced this to me. The haunted house game, right?

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