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Gears of War Figures, Limited Ecco the Dolphin, Zelda Soundtrack & King of Fighters Pins

There are some very pricey items here today, but I put in a couple of more affordable things as well to balance it off. Still, the expensive items are very interesting and it’s always possible to work out a different price with the seller if you contact them directly.

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Limited Soundtrack – This soundtrack was a limited Japanese release of 5,000 and it comes with a miniature ocarina replica. It’s a great box but the price may raise a few eyebrows.

Ecco the Dolphin Limited PAL Edition – I remember when Ecco first came out, everyone was talking about how original and amazing the game was. This box includes some strange stuff… The t-shirt is a normal thing to be included, but there’s also an audio cassette, a video tape, and what seems to be some anti-smoking fact cards. Hmmm…

Gears of War Figures Series 1,2 & 3 – This collection includes some figures that are not easily tracked down. The minimum bid puts the figures at about $43 each however.

Mass Effect 2 Figures – You can tell some thought was put into the design of the packaging for these figures keeping in mind that many collectors like to leave them sealed. They are great display items.

King of Fighters 10th Anniversary Limited Set of Pins – These pins were limited to 2,000 and the box on auction here is #1959. It’s a Kotobukiya release and their quality never fails to impress.

Everquest II Collectors Series Coin Kingdom of Sky – This coin is limited, but fairly common. It’s an easy buy for any Everquest fan.

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