Mega Man Merchandise Signed

Gears of War Gold Lancer, Mega Man 9 Press Kit Signed by Inafune, Black Ops III Socks and More!

Hey all, got a bunch of awesome merchandise to show you today. I’m actually pleased with the results I got today as eBay has been dry over the last few months. One of the rarer items today is a Mega Man 9 Press Kit which happens to be signed by Inafune. Now many people will be quick to note the open gap in the plastic on the front box. I’ve read countless times on different forums where collectors say this is a sign of the game being tampered with and a poor attempt to re-seal the game. Well, having ordered 3 press kits from Capcom on the day these were for sale (sold out within 10 minutes), I can say first hand that my copies had similar opened gaps in the plastics, both back and front. Now I don’t know 100% as to why there would be gaps, but almost every auction I’ve seen on eBay had them. Capcom probably had employees seal them by hand. I’ve resealed games at a local game shop and doing it by hand yielded the same results (open holes in the plastic). You basically have a machine that cuts plastic bags (insert game in plastic bag, and machine cuts one side to seal it. The space inside the bag needed to be sucked so you’d use a heat-gun to shrink the plastic and close the space (this step was called “tightening”). I’m guessing it was cheaper for Capcom to get some employees to do this by hand then having a hard pressed manufacturing of these press kits which would have cost a pretty penny. Who knows how many press kits were made (supposedly less than 1000), so nothing close to the average production of a NES game which were in the hundreds of thousands.

Anyways, with that said there’s no reason to be skeptical when you see these opened gaps. As well, the seal of authenticity is seen with capcom’s “yellow/red” price tags. They purposely placed a bunch of these on the press kits (both front and back). So I assure you this copy is legit! What I can’t assure you is if the autograph of Inafune is legit. No way to tell as the seller has no pictures to prove it. But this doesn’t mean the signature is fake, but please do your due diligence. ‘

Click here for Mega Man 9 Press Kit Signed by Inafune

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Good luck!

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