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Geometry Wars and High Score Gaming

If you haven’t played Geometry Wars yet, please do yourself a favor and give it a try! In this age of gaming, there is a huge gap between classic arcade gaming and modern console gaming. People still play for high scores with modern games such as the Call of Duty series and other FPS games, but since these scores tend to be cumulative, your #1 status can be taken away from you in moments by a lesser player who has simply played more games than you. The other side to high scores (which was the main purpose to play older games) is a standing score which is made with a single play which marks your best attempt ever. This means you can play the game forever and get better over time… but, someone who is naturally better at the game will grab a score which may seem impossible to beat in a fraction of the time. But, practice is always important.

Geometry Wars took a step back towards this single-play high score way of playing and, with the support of the Xbox Live Leaderboards, people around the world can try to beat eachother’s score in a constant battle to play the best game anyone has ever played in the world! Of course, there are many rumors that Geometry Wars is full of scores made by hacking and cheating (and this is true for the PC version at least). This is the unfortunate side to online leaderboards because it’s impossible to know what the highest real score is! The video below shows a PC hack in action…


I guess the offical high score is decided by Twin Galaxies and their score board only shows a single score of 408,960! This score can be easily beaten with a bit of practice. So, if you think your Xbox high score has been tossed from the spotlight because of cheating mod crazy hackers, you can turn to Twin Galaxies to make your score stand for all time unquestioned.

Now for a sample of the real action. The video below shows one player getting every achievement in a single play! I’ve managed to collect up all of the achievements myself, but it’s tough to get them all in one game (it plays at a slightly faster speed in order to shorten the video).


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  • Riku
    Dec 22, 2010

    I need to start playing this again……

    Probably tonight when I come back from work.

  • akira
    Dec 22, 2010

    Hmm… Interesting.
    In case you’re serious, 2,686,960 was the last score I got when you started this insanity.

    I dare you to beat it… In fact, please do! It would give me a reason to play again lol.

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