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Ghost Pilots NEO GEO AES, Panic Restaurant and More!

Good morning VGA readers. I have cool auctions like always for showcase, but I want to talk about the Chrono Trigger excellent Condition cart. It’s weird how it’s getting $200+ of bids on it. I thought people have already collected the mint copies for their collection. It’s either that or another theory I have with these sealed game resellers who always seem to have the most desired game sealed, and plenty of stock too! Now can it be that these guys look for “mint” copies of games, and then have them resealed? I worked at a game store for a few years that had a decent shrink wrap machine. There’s many variations you can buy, and each one seems to have it’s own style. Now when I tested to this theory back then I wanted to see if I can reseal a game and make it look like new. I tried and came VERY close to doing so, minus the holes in the plastic ex. SNES. Now to an amateur like me it wasn’t too hard to almost replicate it. But if I spent a lot of time practicing on how to do it, I am sure I could have got it dead on. This

Video Game Auctions:

– Super Metroid Promo Billboard Poster Nintendo


Bio hazard 2 resident evil original clock new 1998

– 1990 Nintendo World Championships NWC PowerFest

– Super Nintendo SNES system brand new, never used original 1991

– Ghost Pilots (Neo Geo AES 1991). Authentic USA Dog-Tag Version

– Panic Restaurant

– Chrono Trigger (Super NES, 1995) Excellent Condition

– Mega Man Soccer (Super NES, 1994) Nintendo SNES X X2 X3 

– METAL GEAR SOLID 4 RAH Real Action Heroes


– METAL GEAR SOLID Pins Collection

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  • Joseph
    Sep 28, 2013

    About the Metroid display. Somebody has never heard the word “Standee” before :). Anyways, that Super Metroid Standee is on my grail list. I don’t know if I’ll ever get one though, $500-$750 for a standee is tough to justify.

    And those Metal Gear pins are super cool! I wonder if Yoji Shinkawa did the design? That man is such a great artist!

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