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Giant Kirby Plush, MK3 Prototype and Plenty of Rare Games

Seller bing1289 is getting rid of some more goodies on eBay. This is the seller of that life size Super Mario statue that was featured a couple of days ago. The seller also has a brand new Virtual Boy that has a great price tag on it. He’s also got the Kirby 64 “The Crystal Shards” Wall Plush new with tag! The plush is quite big being 3 feet from top of the cardboard to the bottom. It’s at $49 right now with no bidders.

Click here for Kirby Plush Auction

Other Video Game Auctions:
Mortal Kombat 3 Prototype
NES Surprise at Dino Peak Cart and Box
Congo Bongo Complete – relisted
Mass Effect Limited Collectors Edition
Intellivison Stadium Mud Buggies Complete

Earthworm Jim Video Tapes
Double Dragon Video Tapes
Sexy Sega Genesis Display Sign – seller ubben52 keeps listing great display signs/kiosks. Keep a close watch on future auctions
Diddy Kong Beanbag Plush
MW2 .50 Cal Ammo Box Promo
Charity Auctions for Japan:
Here’s a list of auctions from the makers of COD: Black Ops. There’s a bunch of great items here including a nice Black Ops Helmet signed and a couple of RC-XD Prototype Remote Carts:  Black Ops Charity Auctions

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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