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God of War Ascension Auctions, Uncharted 2 Press Kit, R-Zone 3 Versions Sealed

The first group of auctions below were brought to our attention by Milanista. Here you’ll find some very nice God of War Ascension promo items. Every auction is taking bids and the auctions that haven’t received a first bid yet aren’t at a crazy high minimum. Good luck to those going for the winning bid!

God of War Ascension Limited Steel Cup

God of War Ascension Multiplayer Posters

God of War Ascension Limited Deluxe Collectors Edition Sealed

God of War Ascension Limited Dualshock 3 Edition

God of War Ascension Limited T-Shirt

Here are a few random auctions:

Boxed Turbo Grafx 16 Console – Selling to the highest bidder.

Patent NES Art Print Custom Framed – Kind of a unique idea. It’s a high quality print of the patent art for the NES. These aren’t original but they are nicely framed.

Uncharted 2 Among Thieves Press Kit – Never opened.

Anyone remember this commercial?…

If you didn’t give in to the hype in this ad back then and clearly understood that the graphics of every game are no different than any other Tiger handheld, you probably never bothered to get your hands on it and try it out. Well, it’s an odd point in time for handheld gaming and certainly makes me smile thinking about it. The following few auctions are for three different versions of the R-Zone all sealed.

Tiger R-Zone Sealed with Batman Forever Cart

Tiger R-Zone Super Screen Sealed with Battle Arena Toshinden Cart

Tiger R-Zone Extream P G (Pocket Game) Sealed with Star Wars Jedi Adventure Cart

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