PlayStation 3 (PS3) Signed

God of War III Ultimate Edition Signed by Joseph Gatt

Here’s a neat collectors item. It’s a signed God of War III Game by Joseph Gatt, the actor who does all the motion captures / stunts for God of War II and III.

This particular game being sold is the Ultimate Edition which I’m sure everyone is familiar with. It comes with a bunch of extras including the nice Pandora’s Box replica.

The game is brand new and the seller shows a pic of the seal in his auction. He’s asking $199 or best offer which I think is fair. I mean how many God of War items do you see that’s signed by Joe Gatt?

The actors from the UK btw, I didn’t know that. Try picturing Krato’s speaking with an English accent. Would be interesting huh 🙂 ?

If you’re interested in this auction click here.

Thanks **Joseph!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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