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Godzilla vs King Kong! Battle of the Handhelds

Hand held games have always been popular in Japan. From Nintendo’s Game & Watch games to Gameboy to PSP and everything in between (including cell phones), Japan has always held the highest number in sales for handhelds. There are thousands of hand held games out there, but today we take a look at the two most famous monsters in history; Godzilla and King Kong. Both have their fair share of games and these are just a few of them…

King Kong Table-top (Tiger) – This is very rare because it was produced in a low quantity. It stands out because it has a back-lit screen which was a big deal at the time (1983). Believe it or not, the game is actually the first level of Donkey Kong! I have no idea how they got away with that…

Godzilla Dreamcast VMU (Sealed) – When Dreamcast came out, they broke new ground with their VMU (Visual Memory Unit) which acted as both a memory card and a hand held gaming system. It was much bigger in Japan (where it was called a VMS – Visual Memory System) and they had all kinds of custom and limited versions. This is a sealed Godzilla VMU (VMS) and is in perfect condition.

King Kong Jungle Complete with Box (Grandstand) – Nothing screams vintage more than a gold cardboard box! This King Kong Jungle hand held comes complete with box, manual, bad, and original batteries!

Kessen Daikaiju Godzilla Complete with Box (Bandai) – I don’t know much about this one, but it looks like the game is about Godzilla vs Ghidorah. This great Japanese import comes complete with box and manual.

King Kong (Tandy) – Here’s another example of design theft from Nintendo! Once again, this King Kong game is a copy of the first level of Donkey Kong. How did Nintendo not stop these games from being made? Well, to be clear, this actually happened a lot in the 80’s. Popular games were remade and sold very very often. This hand held is complete with original box.

Godzilla vs Meka Godzilla (Takara) – From what I can gather from the back of the box, this game has two game modes (most handhelds of this kind do) and it involves climbing a building to fight Meka Godzilla. If any readers know more, please post a comment. This game is factory sealed and has never been opened!

King Kong New York (Epoch) – If you look closely, you will notice that this game’s design is the same as King Kong Jungle mentioned above. This game however was released by Epoch and King Kong Jungle was Grandstand. Hmm…

Godzilla King of the Monsters (MGA) – This is a later generation of handhelds and is factory sealed. The package boasts Muli-level of play!

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