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Gold Mario Statue, Custom Game Boxes, and Intellivision Game Checklist

In for today are some snappy custom plastic cases that could be put to use not only to store your games more safely than the original cardboard boxes (great if you’re missing the box of course) and keep the boxes separate to maintain their condition. The first auction for today however is a gold Mario statue that some of you should be familiar with.

Mario Gold Statue – One bid in on this one and days left.

Legend of Zelda Plate – Nice to see this not selling for hundreds of dollars again.

The following custom boxes are available on order by title. Across the three generations of Nintendo listed below, 170 have already been sold. This seller has a nice little business going…

Custom NES Cases

Custom SNES Cases

Custom N64 Cases

Final Fantasy XI Vana’Diel Clock – This clock is great in theory. It shows both earth time and Vana’Diel time complete with timer settings. It’s the kind of thing that would be prized by a hardcore FFXI player (and yes, they do exist).

Intellivision Games Checklist – 24 pages listing every title in the library with rarity classifications included.

Doom SNES Sealed – Selling at $60 each, 3 of these have sold already. If I remember correctly, these were once listed at $100 each. Maybe 5 months ago?

Assassin’s Creed III Flag – This auction ends today and bids are of course already in.

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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