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Golden Golf Disk Prize from the 1st 1987 Nintendo Competition and more

There are some great collectibles listed here today but, first up is a prize from an early competition set up by Nintendo. The Nintendo competitions in Japan in 1987 had some great prizes including the gold Punch Out cart and Super Mario Bros Game & Watch but, the most flashy in my opinion was the prize from the very first competition played.

Gold Golf Prize

Famicom Golf Gold Disk Prize – This gold disk version of Golf for the Famicom Disk System has a 19th hole that is exclusive to this version. I can’t imagine there are that many fans of this version of Golf to cause people to go into a frenzy to play that rare game of golf but, it is a valuable piece of Nintendo history. The seller has reduced the price, but it’s still right around the current value. It’s an investment for sure and the value would go up if you manage to get your hands on the other three prizes. Note: there are some surface scuffs and sticker remains but it’s possible that it could be cleaned up.

Fairchild Channel F – This early cartridge system from 1976 has a very bizarre looking control. It’s actually very good for the classic arcade style of play. The console in this auction comes with the original box as well!

Viewtiful Joe Bobble Heads – If any video game character is fitted to be made into a bobble head, it’s Viewtiful Joe. The auction is for a pair; one of Joe real-world and one of Viewtiful Joe hero mode.

Xbox Retailer Reference Guide Promo – This is something you don’t see every day. Each page of this binder is a very interesting read in retrospect. Microsoft was just breaking into the home console market at the time this book was made and nobody back then knew how much success would come from this move.

Pac-Man Cup – A simple cup with a classic Pac-Man look. Strangely, the auction is taking bids with no buy now price.

The Neverhood Sealed Soundtrack – Of the many game soundtracks I’ve listened to, The Neverhood is the weirdest… well, maybe not as weird as Katamari Demacy, but still way up there.

Sega Authorized Retailer Wall Clock – Here’s a clock fit for any video game shop. Imagine 80’s and 90’s gamers walking into your store and spot this hanging on the wall behind the counter! Awesome.

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