Grand Theft Auto 5 Gold Bar USB Drive, Nintendo Test Station, Bronze Mario Trophy Made By Oscar and More!

“This Mario award is made by R.S.Owens in Chicago, Makers of the Oscar awards since 1938 and the Emmy award.
This specific award was given to a Nintendo staff member at a Nintendo awards gala surrounding the KiIller Instinct game, circa 1995-1996
It is extremely rare , very few have hit the market , none of which match this one in condition or provenance, Holy Grail for Nintendo collectors

It was given out only to executives or Nintendo employees at award galas,this specific one being from a award gala in Seattle Washington at the Nintendo of America headquarters

There are two versions of this award, this being the original and is much more rare
It is made from Bronze and stands nearly 8 inches from base to top. And nearly 10lbs.

It is in excellent condition , barring some very minor oxidation and a small scratch on top all of which can be buffed out”

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