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Grand theft Auto Baseball bat, Men in Black Autograph, SNES prototype sign

Good afternoon VGA readers, I’ve got some interesting auctions today, some stranger then others so let’s take a closer look at these.

I’m going to start off with the Grand Theft Auto 4 baseball bat. There were only 2000 made of these and the only way to get this was to win an Xbox Live Sweepstakes. The seller also has the congratulatory letter that comes with it. It’s still sealed in it’s plastic wrapping. Grand Theft Auto IV had heavy marketing and several commcercials. It had regular editions, special editions and even limited edition box sets that came with a security box and keys. Pretty cool stuff. Another cool collectible you don’t see pop up is the pool stick and pool balls.

This Ace Attorney Investigations Miles Edgeworth LTDED Case only limited to 150 pieces which makes this a very rare collectible, or soon to be rare. 150 is not a lot so if you’re an Ace Attorny fan you should pick this up. It comes brand new in the box. I’m not familiar with this game as I haven’t played it but it’s made by Capcom so you know it’s quality.

The next aution in interesting. It’s a autographed Men in Black: The Game on playstation by the developer of the game. It’d be pretty hard to track down the guy who made it but PSMUSEUM amazes us again. According to PSMUSEUM there are ony two in existence so here is the other one. If you want to place a bid go ahead because it’s on auction with no reserve. He also has tons of other items up for auction and plenty of gamer guides.

The last item I have little info on. It’s apprently a Super Nintendo SNES Prototype sign. It’s definately different than the traditional black but is it an official prototype? Was this really mentioned in the boardroom? I don’t know so I can’t call it official. You make the judgement on your own.

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