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GTA V Safe Lock Timer, McDonalds Playland Gaming System, Super Mario Bros. Wecle Ats 19″ Official Statue

We have a nice solid list of video game auctions today and hopefully there will be something of interest for everyone. I especially love the Super Mario Bros. Wecle Ats  statue which is 100% official and incredibly huge! The statue stands 19 inches and there’s two variations of Mario you could have bought; I say could have because these have been sold out since 2006. This particular statue is for the traditional Mario outfit while the other variation is of Fire Mario. I am not sure which one is more rare as both statues have become equally hard to track down. I first noticed it over at because of it’s size. I wanted one so bad and tried tracking one on ebay but to no avail. I know there was a seller last year who listed both at the same time but wanted $1000 each for them! The current price for the traditional Mario is $599 or best offer which is not bad considering this statues new. It’s really a great collectors piece to display and I am tempted to make an offer on this one. If any of you want to beat me to the punch go right ahead!

Super Mario Bros. Wecle Ats 19″ Official Statue Auction

Other Video Game Auctions:
Massive Vintage Computer Video Game Collection (1,500 + boxed items) – Don’t think this collection beats that other massive PC collection we posted a month ago, but it’s pretty damn close. Any collection that has 1500+ games is massive :).
Super Nintendo Exertainment Mountain Bike Rally Speed Racer – Currently at $899. Thank god this wasn’t a game I grew up with otherwise I’d be one of the few that would spent $800+ for the game.
Super Nintendo Snes Mario Paint Sealed Mint Copy – When was the last time you saw a Mario Paint game SEALED and UNGRADED? Now that’s hard to come by these days since everything gets graded.
3 Mega Man 9 Press Kits Nintendo NES Brand New Factory Sealed Near Mint – Thought it was the same seller from last month but looks like another seller has a lot of 3 MM9 presskits. He says it comes with an official letter from These are definitely original in the sense they’ve never been opened (yellow price tag x2/3 on each game).
Skylanders alarm clock Spyro battery operated easy novalty clock Video game – Aww.. sypro so cuute
Payday 2 Collectors Edition Wallet And Gloves – the game company must have had a fun time issuing this US dollar look-a-likes.
Super Mario Nintendo 6″ Coin Piggy Money Bank – I’ll be the first one to say, at $10 you CAN’T LOSE! Bid now!
Street Fighter IV 25th Anniversary Shirt Ryu CAPCOM Baseball Jersey Mens Large – Pretty cool jersey. Love the Capcom logo on the front.
GTA V Grand Theft Auto V Promo Kit Timer SAFE Press Kit – These have been selling like hot cakes! This seller has it for $150, but the auction under this one is selling for $20.
Grand Theft Auto V Safe Lock Timer. Rare! GTA V Rockstar Games – Only $20 thus far!
Playstation 4 Launch Rain Poncho Official San Francisco PS4 Launch Event Promo – I love when sellers take pictures of an event with the merchandise. Great item!
VINTAGE 1991 SUPER MARIO WORLD NINTENDO DIGITAL VIDEO GAME & WATCH – These watches never get old, and for $39 it’s really a good deal.
Playstation Beach Mat – I think I might bid on this one. Pretty damn cool playstation vintage-ness!
PAX Prime 2012 Little Big Planet Karting T-shirt Limited Edition Very Rare Large – Sellers got a ton of other video game t-shirts. Check em out!
Wii Punch-Out King Hippo’s Crown Official Nintendo Merchandise – King Hippo!
Mega Man X D-Arts 5″ Inch Action Figure Metallic Version SDCC 2011 Exclusive New – great figure and supposedly only available at the San Diego Comic Con International 2011.
McDonalds playland gaming system Nintendo 64 Huge Display 7 Ft Tall 5 Ft Wide – Couldn’t imagine myself fitting this in my basement, but if you went to McDonalds a lot and played on these machines I can understand the strong desire to bid on this.
Some more auctions:
Nintendo 1988 Collector Pin Set Series A Collection
Super Tetris 2 + Bombliss GOLD Super Famicom SFC SNES JAPAN
Playstation 5-Ring Looseleaf Binder – New Japan Import
NIB NECA Gears of War 3 Retro Lancers *2012 FULL SET* Green/Pink/Blue
Call of Duty Ghosts Tactical Camera

Good luck!

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