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Gyromite Famicom Test Cartridge Block Robot

This just popped up on eBay; a very rare Gyromite test cart. At first I didn’t realize what it was until I did some research here, in which all signs pointed in the direction of the Gyromite Famicom Cartridge that was added with the Famicom Robot:

Gyromite Test CartGyromite Test Cart

I’ve also noticed while doing my research that people get confused when they order this “released” cartridge through Japanese sites. Because of the name “Block“, buyers think they are getting the actual “blocks” that the Robot(R.O.B in N.America) uses when playing games, however, this is incorrect. Buyers only receive the Famicom version of “Gyromite” which is called “Block”, and then get mad for not receiving what they ordered 🙂

I asked the seller if he could provide more detail for this item and this was his response:

Block is a FC(NES) game for a robot which NINTENDO released 25 years ago.I think that this item is test version.It is wrriten that this cartridge is not for sale.This must be a ultra rare.Though I have collected and looked for many Japanese games,I have not seen this cartridge ever before.

This is one of the few that probably exist in the world. A very rare cart, with a very high price tag.

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