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Half Life & Portal – Collector’s Edition, Ashray, Plush, Soundtrack, and more…

Valve really accomplished something with the design of Half Life, Half Life 2, and Portal. These first person shooters stepped away from the typical design focus of a FPS (auction, explosions and violence) and leaned towards immersion, story-telling, and atmosphere. Playing these games cause the real world to melt away around you… soon nothing else matters more than staying alive in the game. Today I would like to show some collectible items related to these amazing titles.

Half Life & Half Life 2

Gold Lambda Shield – This is not an official item, but it would look great hung on a wall. The Greek Lambda means many different things, but it is used very often in the Half Life series and fans of these games recognize it immediately.

Half Life Ashtray – Another custom item. This resin ashtray is made in the design style of Half Life and sports the Half Life Lambda logo.

Half Life Soundtrack – The original soundtrack to the game that started it all!

Half Life 2 Tin Collector’s Edition – This tin contains a Half Life 2 Source disc, a Counter Strike Source disc, a Prima Making-of Book, a t-shirt, and the game itself. It’s a generous amount of extras to be sure.

Half Life 2 Raising the Bar Book – This book is unusually hard to find. I can’t speak too much about it’s history to explain it’s rarity, but I imagine it was simply printed in a low quantity.

Half-Life 2 Head Crab Plush – This is awesome! In the Half Life games, there are head crabs that jump at your face to drain the life out of you by feeding on your head. This plush can be worn to simulate this very embarrassing experience!


Portal T-Shirt – A basic t-shirt with the Portal logo. This clean image reflects the style of the game perfectly… mysterious and emotionless…

Aperture Labs Parking Permit – Aperture Labs is the company that holds you captive in Portal. This sticker is designed to act as a parking permit for Aperture employees. It also comes with a bumper sticker that reads, “Dog is my co-pilot”. For those who don’t know, Dog is a huge robot with simple and friendly AI from Half Life.

Companion Cube Plush – The companion cube is a mind bending part of Portal that toys with your emotions… Why feel emotionally attached to a cube? I don`t know… but it happens…

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