VGA Hall of Fame

Video Game Auctions .com is always collecting the rarest, and most interesting video game auctions that we have featured over the months. We will gather all the auctions that have ended, and showcase the best in this VGA Hall of Fame. We will continue to update this page by adding future video game auctions to the list. Only the best and most impressive make the cut. To view the VGA Hall of Fame, please click any year below.

VGA make’s sure these auction endings are honest. We check the feedback of the seller to ensure that the transaction has been completed; both parties have left feedback for each other. This shows that the auction did not succumb to unethical practices such as “Shill Bidding”. *

**Sellers identity is protected. All winnings are shown in US Dollars.

Contact us if you have have any auctions that you feel are worthy enough to be put into the VGA Hall of Fame.

Video Game Auactions Hall of Fame 2010 Collection

Video Game Auactions Hall of Fame 2010 Collection

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