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Halo 4 Banner, Blue Dragon Figures, Yoshitaka Amano Signed T-Shirt

Wow, almost didn’t get the time in to list some auctions for today but here they are! I’m working on another project at the same time so my hours available are shrinking quite a bit. Doing my best to keep things rolling here at VGA with Riku and Kenji. ūüėČ First up is a submission by Jindough

Starfox Fox McCloud Plush РRare to be sure and the asking price is way up there. The option to make an offer is there.

Metal Gear Solid Intergral Posters РThis seller can think up some crazy prices but damn, they have some nice stuff.

Club Nintendo Messenger Bag РMany bids in for this but the highest bid is still quite low. Note: a minor scuff on the star.

Minecraft Minecon 2012 Cape РNo info on the design of the cape but bids are still stacking up quite a bit. (digital)

Final Fantasy VII T-shirt Signed by Yoshitaka Amano РIncluded with the autograph is a small profile sketch. The seller explains this was signed way back in 1997 at a convention.

Nintendo Gamecube Retractable Lanyard¬†– It’s strange how¬†forgettable¬†the Gamecube has become. Or is that just me?

Intellivision Game Lot Р54 games and most of them are complete.

Halo 4 Banner¬†– An impressive 8 foot wide banner… word is the game’s good. lol

Team Blockbuster Video Game Cards¬†– Here’s an unusual collection. Worth a few bucks I suppose.

Star Wars Empire at War Deathstar РComplete with the box, this promo makes laser sounds with the push of a button!

Metal Gear Solid Zippo РTake a look at the price. Hmmmm. Still, this would be awesome to have.

Blue Dragon Figures РNo pictures of the figures themselves but each is one of the characters with their shadow.

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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