Halo 5 Master Chief Helmet Signed, Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Collector’s Edition and More!

Halo 5 Helmet Signed by Microsoft Bill Gates

With the new Halo Wars 2 coming out on February 21st, many collectors will be getting the Halo fever again and looking to buy some collectibles during this time. Well I think this one auction takes the cake for highly collectible. Signed by all the team members for Halo, here’s what the auctions description says:

“Halo 5 Master Chief Helmet


Details: This helmet, of which only two have been made, has been autographed by the “HALO 5: GUARDIANS” team. Amongst these signatures are the designers, engineers, and executives. Some signatures include small artistic sketches. The helmet comes with it’s original box which has been autographed as well.

This helmet was owned by the “Team Leader” for the group at Microsoft that developed the “Halo” game. The Helmet and box are signed by all of the team members. The history of the helmet:  Kevin La Chapelle Partner Software Engineering Manager Xbox 360 and Backward Compatibility was the owner and can be contacted by the purchaser. His phone number and email will be provided”

Click here for the Halo 5 Master Chief Helmet Signed Auction

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Good luck!

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