Halo Addiction, Analyzed

Halo Addiction

I thought it would be fun to know why exactly some people are addicted to Halo. I wasn’t a big Halo fan, but it seems that everyone around me can’t get enough of it.

I mean there was a period where people “finally” calmed down after the abuse of Halo 3. However, this September 14th will bring back old habits. So what is it about Halo that get’s people hooked?

Well, lucky for us there has been a study conducted at Stanford University. The study revealed that there’s an area of the brain associated with reward and addiction, and how it is more active in men than in women while playing video games.

Furthermore, the most astonishing thing is that games which involved a plot of territorial defense(Halo) seemed to trigger the “reward & addiction” from the Ventral Tegmental area of the brain which seems to release higher levels of neurotransmitters called dopamine into the nucleus accumbens and other areas of the brain. Basically…..we like it when this happens 🙂

Since men are instinctively territorial, battling intruders in their “territory” is like crack for their inner Neanderthal! Long story short, turns out that biology is responsible for the Halo addict.

If you fall into this addictive category then wikiHow actually has 6 steps process to stop this problem:

How to Break a Halo Addiction

1. Find a good, entertaining book. Read it and find another. Continue in this until you no longer find Halo as interesting as a good read.

2. Interact with people and family as much as possible

3. Go airlifting, paint balling, anything outdoorsy to escape the multiple grunts, jackals, elites, hunters, drones, brutes, and marines.

4. Slowly leave the Horrific virtual world, and eventually, if you hack , delete the cracked\hacked version, the full-blown version where you actually have to put in the disk, delete CE, H2V (Halo 2 for Vista) or any other version of this phenomenal game.

5. If nothing else works, keep playing and playing and playing until you get bored of it.

6. If you need to play Halo,2 or 3 so badly play it but for only 1 or 2 hours you then can play it and have a life in the real world.

That wasn’t a joke btw, this is exactly whats written on the site. In the “TIPS” section the guy also writes; “Do this program over a few months, get used to staying on earth, not the ring world.“. Follow these steps or else this could happen 👿

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