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HALO Invasion! Collectibles and merchandise from SPACE

I have some killer Halo auctions below. Halo has to be the most successful shooter game ever, in sales that is. Popularity is obvious but whether that holds it’s weight in the gamer community is still unknown. I know my personal favorite shooter games involves WW2, Modern military(Modern Warefare) and so on but Halo has a special place in my heart as it does for all shooter fans.

Kotobukiya Halo 3 BLUE SPARTAN Great deal as they’re limited to 600 pieces(Mountain Dew contest). Since being first sold on eBay they hit a low of $50 per statue and since have been scarce which means sellers have set the price now at 300+.

Halo 3 Official Flex hat. Nice hat at a good price $17.

Halo 3 Covenant Rifle toy New

Halo Bust 1:2 Scale

Halo 3 Master Chief Mini Bust 3 set

Bungie Company Profile 100 pg pre- Halo RARE 360. Impressive Bungie collectible from 1995 it was a promotional/company profile before they were bought by Microsoft. $449 or best offer.

Halo 3 Art F/X Steel Spartan Field of Battle KOTOBUKIYA

Halo 3 Art FX MASTER CHIEF FIELD OF BATTLE statue new. One of my favorite Halo Statues.

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