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Halo Prototype Figures, Rare Gears of War Figures, Blizzard 5 Year Service Sword

You’ll find that a large portion of the auctions found below are related to action figures. I’ve always appreciated the world of collectible figures and the most valuable finds in that corner of collecting are almost always prototypes. We’ve got a few of those listed as well as some other figures of value. Most of what is listed here is quite expensive, but it’s worth the money if you simply must have it. Also, I’ve added some more affordable auctions which are pretty cool buys.

Halo 3 The Rookie Sculpt Prototype – A very rough sculpt from early development. Possibly only three is the world.

Halo 2 White Spartan Green Stripes Prototype – An unreleased version of the White Spartan Halo 2 figure.

Halo 1 Gold Elite Prototype – The seller seems to confirm that there were only three of these made.

Halo 2 Mini White Grunt Prototype – This prototype is more affordable because more were made than the above figures. They were never officially released, but the seller has three of them.

Gears of War Marcus Fenix Figure Gold Lancer Vaniant – Many collectors want to get their hands on this figure and this may be your moment to buy. The reason being that %25 of buy will go to American Red Cross.

Gears of War 3 Trashball Cole Statue – Only 100 of these out there people. This auction has been around for some time and we have actually featured it before… maybe the seller should take a hint and go down to maybe $250.

M. Bison and Dimitri Figures – Not terribly valuable, but they are up for a very nice price. Good buy for fans.

Zelda Twilight Princess Link & Epona Club Nintendo Gold Statue – This statue has sold for several times more than the current bid in the past. Keep your eye on this one guys…

Blizzard 5 Years of Service Sword – Blizzard is known for giving employees gifts for the number of years of service. This sword was given for 5 years of work.

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