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Halo Reach Avatar Helmet Noble 6 – Exclusive Comic-Con

If you have Xbox Live then you certainly know what the “avatar culture” is all about. You dress up your avatar however you like, customize it to even look similar to you or a video game character(check thumb pic)!

FYI, avatars came onto the Xbox Live scene as part of the “new Xbox experience” system update which was released on November 19, 2008. I am guessing Microsoft needed to do something because of Nintendo’sMii“.

Since avatars have been released, Microsoft is always thinking of new ways to make money by charging you for certain avatar “gear”. Some are free but the real cool looking outfits have a price tag on it. You have many different types of avatars exclusive to individual games such as the Super Street Fighter IV limited edition outfits, or the Modern Warefare 2 Night Vision Goggles:

There is a price to pay though. If you want to buy a Street Fighter outfit get ready to dish out $5! But that’s not too bad. How about dishing out $150???? Yeah…….for an avatar! That’s how much a new “Halo Reach Helmet Noble 6” avatar went for this morning! Perhaps it was the first wave of people running to grab this Halo avatar since it was “only exclusive” to Comic-Con. I think the prices will calmly drop.

There are a bunch of these Halo Reach Helmet avatars on eBay. I picked the ones that are the cheapest(for now). If you’re a Halo nut, this is pretty cool to have(virtually I mean).

Halo Reach Helmet Avatar Auctions:

Halo Reach Avatar Helmet (Comic-Con Exclusive) Noble 6

-The seller has two of these codes on eBay: Halo Reach #1 and Halo Reach #2

Halo Reach Avatar Helmet Noble 6


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