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Handcrafted Video Game Auctions

Although I’m not a fan of unofficial/custom video game stuff, I know there are plenty of viewers who are interested these types of items. AND….even though I don’t buy custom made things, I do admire the work that goes into them and no doubt would feature the works on VGA.

To be honest, sometimes the custom made stuff is actually better than the official merchandise. FanGamer is known for this, although they produce unofficial video game merchandise, their inventory has become quite popular with some stock being “sold out”.

Anyways, I don’t have any FanGamer auctions below, but these are some of the items I was able to pick out doing my searches. There was enough custom made items to make a post about them.

Custom Made Video Game Auctions:

Smithy Super Mario RPG SNES bead sprite
Mario Brothers 3 Music Box & Flute Necklace
Super Metroid SNES Custom Made Ceramic Coasters
Castlevania NES Nintendo Custom Made Ceramic Coasters
Retro Video Game Splatterhouse Tea Coffee Mug cup
All auctions below are from the same seller:
Earthbound Wooden Handcrafted Ness
Mega Man Wooden Sprite Figure Nes Snes Megaman
Handcrafted Wooden Legend of Zelda Link
Handcrafted Super Mario Bros.
Wooden Zelda A Link to the Past Snes
Wooden KirbyDisplay

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