Sega Genesis Sonic The Hedgehog 3

Happy 20th Anniversary Sonic!

Today marks a special day. It’s been in the news for many months and the time has finally come. Twenty years ago today, on June 23rd 1991 a character was born. His main purpose? To help his company compete against the power house we all know as Nintendo. Sega needed a mascot that would help them compete against Nintendo in the early 90’s, a time where it was pivotal for video game company’s to grow and capture as much market share as they could. You see, video games were becoming more popular after the late 80’s, and more and more families were purchasing video game systems. Nintendo was Sega’s biggest rival at the time. I mean they had so many lovable characters, Mario, Link, Samus, etc… Who did Sega really have?

This didn’t matter too much since Sonic has become one of the best known video game characters of all time. When a game series has sold more than 80 million copies worldwide, this achievement certainly doesn’t lack any merit. In 2005 Sonic was one of the first 3 characters to be introduced into the “Walk of Game”(along with Mario & Link).

Sonic the Hedgehog 20th Anniversary

So my glass is held high to you Sonic. Thanks for all the great memories you brought to everyone’s childhood and we all look forward to seeing more of you in the future. To commemorate this day I decided to find a couple ofย  unique items that’s up for auction from various games that Sonic starred in, not just his first game:

Sonic the Hedgehog 12 Inch Wall Clock – This same clock was being sold during SEGA’s eBay auctions for Japan. Great price considering the clock was sold for 100+ in the past.
All of Sonic’s MegaDrive Games 1,2,3
Sonic The Hedgehog Original Art Pg 1-5
Sonic The Hedgehog 20th Anniversary Wiimote Charger
Sonic the Hedgehog (1993 Mini-Series) #1 CGC 9.6

Thanks to **Miss_Elle for the great post idea!

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  • David
    Jun 24, 2011

    I have an old picture of me and my brother with somebody in a Sonic The Hedgehog costume. LOL! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • kenji
    Jun 24, 2011

    Oh boy we gotta see that! ;), but if you’re shy to post we understand ๐Ÿ™‚

  • David
    Jun 24, 2011

    Oh please…shy? HAHAHA!

    I’ll post it in the forums…it’s about 20 years old now. I think we got it taken in August or Sept of 92

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