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Happy Canada Day – Celebrate by reading our post!

Ya, cheezy title but wishing a Happy Canada day to all our fellow canuks. I know our brothers down south will be partying it up this Friday but if you don’t want to wait head up North and celebrate with us! :p.

Got some prettty cool stuff to show you today. Now much in terms of quantity, but the quality is there. I’m loving the Mario items I stumbled upon today. Very tempting to bid on some of them but I’ve been spending my money on pinball machines so I need to budget properly. Have a great day and check out the auctions below!

Rare Video Game Auctions:
Club Nintendo Super Mario Bros Handkerchief Set hanky
Rare! Nintendo METROID Disc System Poster Flyer Used Japan Game
Metal Gear Solid 5 V Ground Zeroes Poster Picture Art Print Licensed
Neverwinter nobles chest valindra Statue
E3 Expo 2014 Hyperkin Sandals
Vintage Puppet Kooler Nintendo Mario Cup Collectible COOL 1st 1988
Official Nintendo Vintage SNES Super Scope 6 3D Store Display Sign RARE 58346
Red Dead Redemption Eradicator Soap Promo Rare Brand New NFR Limited
Nintendo Peel & Place Stickers Super Mario Bros. 2 Vintage Wall Decal RARE 72852
Wolfenstein The New Order – Red Mug/Cup Promo Item Brand New Free Shipping
NEW Licensed Classic Atari Logo Round Metal Pin
Xbox One Swag Pack
Gears of War Judgment Steelbook G1
RARE Nintendo Kirby 20th Anniversary Plush mini Coin Purse from Japan KAWAII
USED SEGA Saturn Twin Stick HSS-0154 Virtual-On Japan
Nelsonic Pacman Watch Nice
Nintendo Super Mario Bros Kamek Bishop Chess Piece Cake Topper Figure New
NEW Disgaea Prinny Inflatable Beach Ball NIS America AUTHENTIC RARE ITEM
New Era Nintendo Super Mario SnapBack
Plants vz vs Zombies Brains Neon Black Green Snapback Hat Baseball Cap LICENSED
Non-Official Nintendo Portable FC Pocket mobile Famicom Free Shipping Tracking
rare ORIGINAL 90s promo T-shirt: PlayStation Booth SONY Employee Tee – BLUE
R02-34 Club Nintendo The Legend of Zelda clearfile set Japan

Good luck!

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