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Harrison Ford Uncharted PSVita Import Poster, Super Nintendo Kiosk, The Music Machine Atari 2600

Listed today are some very interesting and rare import items and some rare games. A Harrison Ford appearance in a Japanese advertising campaign is mentioned as well but first let’s take a look at a kiosk for the greatest video game system ever made (in my opinion at least)…

Super Nintendo Kiosk – Looks to be in great shape except for some common yellow discoloration on the console itself.

Game Boy Light Astro Boy Tezuka Osamu World Shop Complete – Rare Gameboy Light import. This auction brought to us by Hunter. Thanks 😉

Invasion of Space Invaders by Martin Amis – One very interesting thing about this book; it includes an introduction by Steven Spielberg.

CGE Interactive Gaming Museum E3 2004 Flyer – Something that would mainly appeal to Intellivision collectors who couldn’t make the trip.

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Remix E3 2004 Record Packed CD – This promo from E3 2004 was packaged to look like a vinyl record to promote the period MGS3 takes place in but it’s actually a CD.

Oddworld Munch’s Oddysee Promotional Soda Can Sealed – Never opened

Xbox 360 Tower Game Storage Metal Display – The price is low enough to not be instantly scared off by the shipping cost.

Yoshi Island Nintendo DS Lite Water Game – Import and includes the box.

Pepsiman PS1 Factory Sealed – One of the rarest PS1 games in the world and it’s sealed. Take a look at how many offers have been made.

The Music Machine Atari 2600 with Manual – Here’s one of the rarest 2600 games and it includes the manual. It’s not worth the asking price by far but worth making an offer.

Panzer Dragoon Saga Complete – Finding this game sealed is always priced beyond crazy high. Aim for a complete copy of the game and talk the seller down if you can.

Harrison Ford Uncharted PSVita Import Poster – I guess the idea was to connect Indiana Jones to Uncharted by having Harrison Ford play it. How much could he have been paid to be photographed and recorded sitting and playing video games… Ah Japan, you never fail to amaze.

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