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Help Him Avoid Eviction! – Complete Nintendo 64 Video Game Library

I believe in the last month we had two auctions for a complete N64 video game library and this auction will be the 3rd one! Now this one has a sad story to it and some of you could make the case that it’s fabricated just to make the sale (other auctions show N64 lots). Still, the auction’s decent and although the seller cut the boxes and put them into a plastic cover (which collectors will deem to be horrible!), I can live with that. Think about it, you never have to worry about getting any boxes dirty, and they will never crush in the case of misfortune! Description of sellers story below:

Complete Nintendo 64 Video Game Library

“This auction is for a complete collection of n64 games with hard cases. All the games are in very good condition with no stickers or tears in the labels. I am not going to list the games because it would take me forever. This is a collection I did for my kids but I have to sell to pay the lawyers to keep my house. Long story short is that my father co-signed a loan for my house 10 years ago and Friday we got a 30 day eviction notice and when I told him that I would go to the bank and assume the loan, he told me that he wouldn’t sell it to me and then I asked him about the equity. He said it is his money now and I will never see a dime. I have 3 boys at home who are all under the age of 10 and we are all heartbroken. The lawyer said I had a case but they want $5000 down to take my case. I started looking for rentals and its going to cost $2500 just to move in with deposits and all. I am selling everything we can live without. Please buy my boys collection and help us raise the money to fight this.

Thank you for taking the time and God Bless”

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