Hide Your Games From Your Girlfriend!

So you’re playing that app that your girlfriend (or wife!) doesn’t want you to play because ti takes too much time away from one another. Well, I got a quick fix for ya! Tried the Privacy lock app and low and behold my girlfriend cannot find clash of clans on my phone LOL. Yes it’s a sad move to do when you need to start hiding your apps from your loved ones, but I’m telling you now this is only a little white lie that will only stop the fights! hehe

So I wanted to do a review for this app so that you guys and girls understand how it works. The App is very simple and straight to the point. This is why I like it :). It does not confuse you or get into technical features and settings that can shy the user away and drop interest.

The name says it all, Privacy Lock, keep your mobile safe and protect your personal content. In a nutt shell it’s added security when logging into your phone. You can add a second password to unlock your apps. Speed is pretty good, sometimes you need to back out and try a second time. I would strongly suggest keeping the same password because things can get confusing. You can also lock and protect vids and pics which is also a clever feature when you sometimes leave your phone unlocked around friends or loved ones ;).

There is one more feature of backing up your apk files. Not a huge fan of this because I don’t really keep a messy dashboard. If I am done with an app and want to uninstall it, then chances are I won’t be using that app again. You can then restore your backed up apks for quick recovery. This is also a small app under 10mb so it installs pretty quickly. Some people might shy away of the fact that all this added protection slows down your experience, it really depends on what you are looking for. If privacy inside your phone is very important for you, then I would give privacy lock a try.


Size: * * * * *
Ease of use: * * * *
Speed: * * *
Features: * * *
Support & Patches: * *
Overall: * * *

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